About Me and Monique

An update to my website always compels me to do the math. How many years have I been selling real estate!? I always assume is someone is reading my bio, they are likely shopping for an agent. When shopping for an agent there are 2 important things: (1) Experience and (2) Work ethic. I have been an agent in the Tri City area for 37 years. My work ethic can be measured by a lifetime of awards, abundance of client testimonials, and the continued respect of my peers. In 37 years I've managed to become proficient in residential and investment properties, I'm experienced in new home construction and still have a fondness for working with first time buyers. 

When my daughter, Monique, approached me to become real estate partners, I jumped at the opportunity. After four years at McGill University and several years working and travelling the world, she was ready. There was no need for a job description. The word PARTNER meant she would share my responsibility and commitment to providing clients the necessary information and expertise to help them reach their objectives. 

Please don't hesitate to call us if you think we can be of some service. We're here to help YOU!

Michelle Forsberg
Michelle Forsberg

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